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The best colonial atmosphere in Guatemala

Hotel Convento Santa Catalina is located in the heart of Antigua Guatemala, on the city's most prestigious and well-known street of this beautiful colonial city directly under the Arch of Santa Catalina. The Arch is the most famous of all Antigua’s landmarks. In Antigua, Arch street is where everything happens and we are right in the middle of it all. Anything you want to do is just outside the hotel’s entrance. The hotel and restaurant entrance are on Arch Street directly under the arch, but the hotel rooms have a good degree of separation from any street noise. So, the hotel rooms are quiet and peaceful for a good nights sleep.

Our Hotel is located in what was the second monastery founded by the Augustinian order on December 27th 1609, in honor of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr. In the walls of the hotel, there are over 400 years of history. We have many antiques displayed throughout the hotel for you to see and photograph. On May 10th 1613, the actual construction of the convent started. Then, in 1626, the church construction began. All construction was completed in 1647. There are many of these old walls still here today. So, while staying in Hotel Convento Santa Catalina, you are defenitely sleeping in a historical monument. Some people might say a museum of colonial or Catholic church history. The convent became so popular that the number of nuns outgrew the facilities, forcing them to buy and use part of the next block connected only by the arch. The Arch was built in July 1693 and through an internal passageway, allowed the nuns to cross the street without being seen in public, which was a rule of their sect or order. The earth quake of July 29th 1773 destroyed much of the convent and arch. The convent principal building, now the Hotel Convento Santa Catalina, and the Arch were restored. The clock tower above the arch was also added when the arch was restored. So, this hotel is considered one of the best examples of colonial architecture in Antigua Guatemala. Antigua is famous for its open central gardens with a central fountain. Our large fountain was hand craved from stone and is a center piece in our beautiful courtyard.

In these monumental walls, there is still the atmosphere of old colonial times in this historical and protected property. We have created 10 comfortable rooms surrounding the main garden and 7 more rooms in area facing the ruins of old church. We have many things unique to our hotel and one is through a viewing window of the hotel's corridor, you can see the statues used for the processions of Semana Santa. The other is the original staircase going through the inside of the arch.

Our restaurant, Restaurante del Arco, was founded in 2005. It is named after the main icon of our beautiful city of Antigua, "El Arco" or “The Arch”. It is located in the entrance and main hall of the hotel and sprawls through one corridor and the central garden area. We offer a delicious and varied menu of international cuisine, Guatemala typical dishes and American dishes. This guarantees you a memorable dining experience inside a 400 year old historical convent and excellent service.